The Aeris Team

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Les White - CEO

Les WhiteLes White is the principal and CEO of Aeris Europe Limited.

Les enjoys over three decades of experience in the downstream oil refining industry, this includes some twenty years at ExxonMobil in various roles including Managing the Engineering Division at Fawley Refinery and co-ordinating the UK and European Environmental functions for the company.

Since 1988, initially with ExxonMobil and subsequently as the principal partner in Les White Associates (now Aeris Europe Limited), Les has been at the heart of Air Quality issues in Europe having a close association with both EUROPIA and CONCAWE. He also enjoys a close relationship with the scientific centres of excellence involved at the science-policy interface on air quality issues in Europe.

Stephen Mills - Senior Partner

Stephen Mills has worked with Aeris Europe since its inception in 1998. His career commenced in the health arena where he worked as a Senior Medical Scientist specialising in Haematology and Oncology. He progressed to running a pathology department at Great Ormond Street Childrens Hospital and carrying out medical research.

After fifteen years he entered the pharmaceutical distribution sector and achieved a successful sales career with several large PLC’s before downsizing which coincided with the launch of Les White Associates where his broad base of skills has complemented a very successful team.

Adam Miles - Senior Software Engineer / Systems Architect

Adam's professional career started in the early days of the internet where he specialised in web-based, data-driven applications. This progressed to corporate network administration and server management for a number of prestigious London companies before finally settling on the development of environmental modelling and policy analysis software.

At Aeris Europe, Adam is responsible for the design and development of modelling and screening tools as well as administration of the in-house systems. To meet the unique challenges of air quality modelling requires experience in a range of disciplines including database administration, geographical information systems, GUI design and environmental science.

With specialisations in thin-client applications, network security and project management Adam is the lead programmer here at Aeris Europe and designed many of the tools that we and our clients use on a daily basis.

Chris Boocock - Senior Research Analyst

Chris is a researcher and analyst for the tools and projects Aeris Europe develop with special emphasis on Cost Benefit Analysis and Transport Policy, he is also responsible for developing and delivering the marketing initiatives to support new areas of consultancy work, including industrial permitting and modelling.

His education is as an engineer and Chris holds a BEng (Hons) and an MEng (Hons) in Engineering Design and Appropriate Technology.

Chris has a diverse career background that includes marketing mainframe computer systems at IBM, motor racing, running his own business, product design and development and cycle route design and construction.

John Cooper - Research Analyst

John began working for Aeris Europe in February 2012 following an MSc at Imperial College London.

John's primary fields of expertise are ecological impacts and conservation, reflected in an MSc and BSc in biological sciences. In his role here at Aeris Europe, John regularly calls upon his knowledge and skills to gather, prepare and analyse extensive datasets including national pollutant emissions and air quality. Applying such data to specific situations for economic and environmental impact exploration.

John is involved in bespoke tool development and provides technical support and assistance for both the infrastructure and front-end/user interfacing aspects of the Aeris Europe suite of tools.