Air Quality, Universal Information Reporting System

AQUIRES is a web-browser based tool delivering fast, user-friendly access to European air quality data. It supports analysis of air quality compliance as well as scientific research relating to air pollution.

AQUIReS PDF Presentation
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The AQUIRES database currently mirrors the EEA AirBase database, however all statistics relating to the Air Quality Directive (AQD) have been recalculated by Aeris. This includes extensive quality control and accuracy checks that entail handling negative values in the raw data, filtering out spurious values and exceptional outliers and applying data availability thresholds for statistical calculations.

AQUIRES enables data selection and compliance analysis based on location (using mapping services, manual entry of coordinates, radius search and selection of countries and cities from a list) and/or – based on meta information from the air quality measurement sites.

AQUIRES is available as a competitively priced subscription service and is of considerable interest to:

  • Academic institutions
  • European member states
  • Planning and policy makers

Data from the successor to AirBase, the EEA's e-Reporting system, is available in a development version of AQUIReS, this is available on a customer specific basis and will be released to the general marketplace as demand increases.

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