Software & Data Products

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Aeris Europe has a long history of producing software applications in support of our internal projects and at the request of our clients. One of our more popular offerings is the development of software tools to enable customers to analys and forecast air quality themselves.

Our applications take many forms from standalone programs to integrated plugins for third-party software to high compatibility, multi-user, globally accessible distributed systems. The emphasis is always on the end-user experience where speed and ease of use are important factors. We ensure that these criteria are met by utilising the unique combination of technology and expertise provided by our in-house team.

In addition to software development we provide data provisioning services for client software products, one function of this is the automated branding and presentation of client products. We also supply data for inclusion in third-party software.

All of our software comes with the guarantee of quality and accuracy that our clients have come to expect from Aeris.

A few examples of our software are illustrated below.