Projects & Portfolio

A selection of past and current work

Aeris Europe has been involved in a significant number of projects and worked closely with a number of organisations. The following is a brief outline of previous and current work that should give an idea of the range of work we undertake.

  • Aeris Europe coordinated the “Particulates Project” funded by the European Commission
  • We provided assistance to the European Commission as oil industry experts to advise SEPA (Chinese EPA) on Urban Air Quality strategy with a focus on vehicles and fuels
  • Advisor to the Greek Ministry of the Environment with respect to their application for a derogation from the Sulphur in Liquid Fuels Directive
  • A close and productive relationship with CONCAWE (Representing the European Refining Industry) providing input on all air quality related issues
  • City Delta and Euro-Delta Projects in collaboration with the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre at Ispra
  • Partnership in the APPRAISAL project – an FP7 project of DG Environment
  • Providing assistance to the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre at ISPRA on Integrated Assessment Modelling (IAM)
  • A partnership providing input to OPERA; an EU – LIFE Project
  • Involvement with FAIRMODE (The Forum for Air quality Modelling) a joint response action of the European Environment Agency (EEA) and the European Commission Joint Research Centre (JRC)

Many of our projects involve close work major organisations and stakeholders in addition to those above, these include:

  • EMISIA SA in Thessaloniki, a company closely associated with the Laboratory of Applied Thermodynamics at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
  • TerrAria s.r.l.
  • The University of Brescia
  • CONCAWE - The European Refining Industry Environmental Organisation
  • EMEP - (European Monitoring and Evaluation Programme) hosted by the Norwegian Meterological Institute (METNO)

A major focus of our work is providing scientific and policy support to industry with particular focus on: 

  • TSAP (Thematic Strategy on Air Pollution)
  • Revision of the NECD (National Emissions Ceilings Directive)
  • The IED (Industrial Emissions Directive) formerly IPPC
  • Best Available Technology (BAT) Reference Documents
  • The UNECE Convention on Long Range Transport of Air Pollution (CLRTAP)