Consultancy & Advocacy Services

Impartial, unbiased, respected - consultancy & advocacy

Finding an impartial, unbiased and respected consultancy or advocacy service within the environmental arena can be difficult, and that is what makes Aeris' proven track record and reputation for integrity and accuracy so valuable. Couple this with our experience in representation and guidance and we will work to create a package uniquely tailored to your business.

Operating for over 20 years at the science/policy interface enable us to provide specialist services and offer knowledge that few others in the arena possess. If we need to obtain expert advice from other institutions, then our unique international relationships can be used to access these services.

Some of our more popular services include;

  • Determining industry specific issues that may arise from existing or forthcoming air quality legislation
  • Analysis and generation of solutions to existing or envisioned issues
  • Presentation and reporting of complex data and concepts
  • Advocacy at any level from local government to European court
  • Expert testimony and evidence
  • Permitting and regulatory advice